Thursday, August 4, 2011

In progress: Silver ceiling

Earlier this summer I wrote a post regarding the inspiration of this silver ceiling.

Suzanne Rheinstein's New York Pied d'terre:
floor and ceiling by Bob Christian

Completed silver ceiling:  residence on St. Charles Avenue, New Orleans

another view

and another

Stay tuned for more updates as the wallpaper has not been installed yet.  It is a hand-painted Shagreen paper by Anya Larkin.


  1. Loving the elegant subtlety of the silver ceiling. Did you use leaf or metallic paint?
    Funny, we were trying to use metallic paint in the heat last week- dried on contact.

    The space will be killer with the wallpaper!

  2. Paint. A new(to me) one that a friend just recommended. My new favorite!

  3. What type of paint. I was just looking to buy something today to complete project very soon.