Saturday, January 15, 2011

David Hicks and his Influence

I apologize for my blogging hiatus this past week after I have just given you a little taste and left you hanging! Last weekend my laptop was privy to a dinner guest, a glass of red wine and talk of caribbean travel which resulted in a cracked screen and wine stained stairwell! All the makings for an exciting Saturday evening, no?

On with my post!

I have confessed my love for David Hicks' use of color, pattern and over all "englishness" for all of the internet to see and my recent discovery that his son, Ashley is quite an innovative and talented decorative painter. Since it is highly unlikely that Ashley would agree to(or have the patience) to give me some grisaille lessons, perhaps I should see if he might want to speak at the 2011 PDPA Education Summit?

In my search for images for last week's post I found that I am not the only decorative painter influenced by a talented Mr. Hicks. Enjoy!

Garrison Hullinger(Design), Lucinda of Shakti Space(Decorative Painting)

David Hicks

David Hicks
Haus Interior, New York

Nina Freudenberger(Design), Mark Chamberlain(Decorative Painting)

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  1. I can't believe that is all hand painted! I especially identify with the Haus Interior storefront. Classic and clean but current. Keep em' comin' E. Lee! I'm learning quite a bit already!