Saturday, January 15, 2011

The talented Mr. Hicks

David Hicks has and always will be one of my favorite designers and inspirations. He has designed everything from carpets, to men's shoes, to the interior of a BMW and has done it all well. His use of color and pattern can't be beat and even though his most important work was done over thirty years ago it still looks modern today.

I read on Habitually Chic that Ashley Hicks, David's son's home is Oxfordshire, England is in this month's issue of World of Interiors.

I took a look at the photos, which I wanted to lick they were so gorgeous and was blown away by the decorative painting in almost every room of the house. Not only was it some of the most unique painted work I have seen in a current magazine in awhile but it was all painted by Ashley Hicks HIMSELF! I knew that he was a designer, and business man running the company his Dad had established but had no idea he was a painter. Maybe if I asked nicely he would give me some lessons!

Take a look!

These squares are painted to look like green leather, notice the leather "stitching" in between each square.

A Grisalle forest to dine beneath. So modern, yet so timeless at the same time.

Trompe L'oeil painted desk drawer

Notice the Trompe L'oeil continues in the panels at the top of the bookcases.

Although I am sure this is wallpaper, pretty wonderful as well. The English are the masters of floral patterns, they never look tired or trite!

Please be sure to check out the rest of the home's interior on Ashley's site.


  1. Love the new blog, E. Lee. It's great to "read" you again after all these years.

  2. Robley could you see the pics? Some people couldn't see them!

  3. E. Lee--I can see them now! Wow, what an experimental approach! And he did this HIMSELF?? I about killed myself painting 12" stripes in a small bathroom one time--you have more patience than me, my friend! I will have to digest this over a glassa wine :) Congrats on the blog!! I can't wait to broaden my knowledge of techniques and watch your talent unfold.



  4. It doesn't look very pretty but hopefully I will get better with it!