Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Powder Room week on Fauxology

I am interrupting my reporting from my Belize trip to tell you about Powder Room week on Fauxology.

I am honored to be a featured artist today.  My submission was one of  five chosen out of 30 submissions!  The blog is written by Regina Garay and is all about decorative painting and how it relates to interior design both today and in history.

Her powder room series highlights the history of powder rooms  and how in these small and very special spaces you are provided with the opportunity to create a little gem of a room in a home.

I worked on this project with New Orleans based, designer Grace Kaynor.  She is an endlessly creative designer who always gives me a challenge that I enjoy.  It is these challenges that continue to make me better at my craft.  Her work is always fresh but heavily rooted in history, her travels and has a timeless appeal.  

The Amber Room in the Catherine Palace of Tsarkoye Selo
Saint Petersburg, Russia
Grace's vision for the powder room

I believe we accomplished our goal, which was to provide the client(whom is a lover of grand homes and furnishings) a painted jewel to make the move from 10,000 square feet on Saint Charles Avenue to less than 2,000 not so terrible!

All completed powder room pictures are by Monica Temonia of Temonia Photography.


  1. SO happy to feature you and the beautiful powder room you helped bring to life. I look forward to more of your work AND blog. :) Have a wonderful day, E. Lee!